Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman

(from source Bobbie Johnson:)

“Web-based programs like Google’s Gmail will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time, according to the free software campaigner … The concept of using web-based programs like Google’s Gmail is ‘worse than stupidity’, according to a leading advocate of free software. … ‘It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign,’ he told The Guardian. … His comments echo those made last week by Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, who criticised the rash of cloud computing announcements as ‘fashion-driven’ and ‘complete gibberish’. … ‘One reason you should not use web applications to do your computing is that you lose control,’ … or somebody else’s web server, you’re defenceless”

Pretty much, you have this mass of data out there, anybody can access basically, ‘but’ somebody may wake up in the morning who knows where, and cut you off your own data, worse, can spend all the time it needs to break any kind of protection devised, or just get in there and wipe out your life. Or electricity may go down in mega-center county, and the whole planet is there waiting …

Would get as far as allocating spare emergency capacity, making sure it is impossible to rebuild the whole picture from just a few components, as the old thing said, “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” is a resource, is there, but is not that ‘revolutionary,’ more advertising hype than progress, ‘and’ less safety.

Don’t see the cloud as a big modifier of established processes, as much as it may become an extremely successful mean in providing greater offensive capacity to kiddos in Kazakhstan. In so after the age of MS virus distribution servers, we may see the age of Amazon failures distribution cloud , which can spread over a wide amount of people planet-wise the effects of a single electric meltdown in Palookaaville, Nowhereland midwest.

But, the ways of the extraterrestrial forgiving sins are infinite, and surely side income may be allocated by a number of players, think for instance if you may ‘not’ want to be insured for this, or maybe as financial institution, you may see advantages on this, in the banksters industry, any bubble is a good bubble, as Joe Girard said, “a sucker is born every minute.”

And don’t forget ‘big brother,’ ‘interest’ in a handy, uncontrolled by anybody, access to everybody’s lives, businesses, maybe even ‘plausible denial’ ‘vendettas,’ look a minute at ‘cloud,’ ‘components,’ and the ol formulas for failure distributions and rates, how does it look now ?


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  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read content from other authors and use a little something from other web sites.

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