Peak Oil, Peak Water, Peak Resources, Peak Planet: Building a Currency for the 21st Century

Peak Oil, Peak Water, Peak Resources, Peak Planet: Building a Currency for the 21st Century

(from source Daniel Kammen:)

“In a planet running out of resources, the most important public policy tool may be the measuring stick. … In fact, the peak problems story is one of developing metrics to internalize the current externalities of environmental degradation that many of our industrial practices, and our patterns of consumption are placing on the local and global environment. This is nothing less than the birth of a new currency, which in part accounts for why it has been so hard. … The California LCFS requires a 1 percent annual reduction in the carbon intensity of the fuel mix in the state until 2020, for a 10 percent overall reduction in the ‘carbon footprint’ of transportation fuels. … But Canada’s oil exists in a solid form and requires considerably more energy to refine than does gasoline from conventional crude oil. This added energy demand translates to greater carbon footprint, and hence a greater penalty under the California LCFS.”

Yes, the “problem” is the “measuring stick,” but not only, the rest of the problem is the conflict of interest of the bean-counters rackets, which can monetarize (ergo translate in their false currency, ergo ‘counterfeit,’) any measuring stick, to fit their ‘predatory’ agenda, blessed by the religion of abuse, ‘the economics quackery.’

The carbon credits quackery, is just another fraud devised by same or other vultures, competing ‘usury masters,’ (it is good to read the names of the carbon credit ‘architects,’ it is very educative to read about their leaches ancestry including relations with the banksters rackets.) The carbon credits quackery, just as much as the other ‘filthy’ stick of ‘monetary usury,’ is another blood stained weapon in the hands of ‘the caste’ to perpetuate an obsolete eugenic competitive procreation based, printing press of domination, predation and genocide, rigged skim, hallelujah.

The carbon credits skim, covers a very narrow subset of the ‘real’ problem, whereas providing ‘conflict of interest ridden,’ pseudo-solutions, as usual, favors the ‘masters of the rigged trade,’ or the ‘racket of the leaches of humanity,’ the same filth historical mafia families of money changers in the temple, the ‘usury parasites.’

Honest root cause analysis should tell us that the tips of the icebergs are ‘energy and population,’ because energy is the food we eat, energy is the work we do, energy is the heat that keeps us alive, brings us the other ‘essential’ component of life, clean water, gives us the forces in machinery relieving human suffering and overwork hardship, while population is the number of others we have to live the tragedy of the commons with, sharing miserable possessions in a rigged society that creates death and genocide for bestial instinct pleasure of ‘competitive procreation,’ strictly under a god pig supervision, the pig in the sky made at image of the wall street bankers and their criminal puppets, of the religious filth rackets, both dripping blood of the millions out of their usury skim.

Calories of energy would be “the” ‘honest currency’ for the 21st century, ‘since the value is objective,’ but the quackery of the usury tricks of genocidal christomafiopigs and genocidal usurmafiobanksters, have rather keeping skimming society with treason, leaching, hate and murder on planetary scale, perpetuating their bloodsucking criminal Mafiosos machine, “usury,” of which “monetary efficiency” is the other economic quackery instrument to ‘motivate’ the gonzo’s in participating in the rigged gamefraud they can only lose at. In the process, the quackery masters run this planet below 10% ‘energy’ efficiency, while promoting ‘unlimited growth quackery,’ unwarranted by any rules of science in a finite system, IOW they are both the ‘cults of death’ taking humanity towards the ‘collective suicide,’ Camus was talking about.

Only the ones who hold the printing press of the fake money or the fake carbon certificates you can buy with the fake money, can win at such game, it is a no-hope game that takes only towards “collapse,” and “extinction,” since based on stone age retarded brains quackeries. The real solution would be the complete planetary ‘elimination of currency,’ in order to “eliminate usury,” and the complete planetary optimization of the social production system based on engineering and physics rules, “factual,” “proved,” instead than quackeries of the economic religion, and all the other dogma filth. This would have also to include, mandatory conservation, mandatory limits to procreation, and ‘objective value’ in a logistic system replacing all the rigged dogmas.

Once is assessed the energy cost of those shrimp that went around the world ten times before getting on the shelves, the whole ‘logic’ in the system will start to recover sanity, that sort of sanity that will never exist on this planet as long as may exist ‘arbitrary rigged currency,’ ‘monetary efficiency quackery,’ and the racket of the master leaches, religion, usury banking, economy quackery, and corrupted education and law based on retrograde thinking, such as ‘morals,’ correlation sophisms, fairy tales books felling off the skies, ‘traditions,’ and more of such voodoo thinking.

Nevertheless, the California penalty is a step, better than nothing, a drop of water in an ocean, but the motivation is barely reasonable. As it is barely reasonable the need of using that type of garbage fuel, due to the potential danger of relying on supplies from distant war zones and unstable shaky regimes, the same regimes the banksters mafia and the christomafia political dogma, has helped to power to save a buck on oil supplies, supplies just one torpedo away from not making it here.

Both solutions at this point, are the best that can be done in a society that believes in fairy tales over ‘factual evidence,’ a society that does not want to grow up and give up on it’s childish fairy tales of religion and economics “cults of death” and predation quackeries. “But” neither actions may solve in a sustainable way, the issue that the economic quackery of “monetary efficiency” is not efficient, and that the religious quackery of “unlimited procreation” in a limited resource closed system, is foolish, both of such idiotic choices are condemning the human civilization to collapse and extinction. “It is a minute before 12,” carbon credits quackery can’t fix that, as they can’t the other fairy tales of the extraterrestrial forgiving sins, and the invisible hands of visible quackery.


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