Monsanto: Contamination by all means necessary

Monsanto: Contamination by all means necessary

(from source Colin Todhunter:)

“unapproved GE wheat has been found growing in an Oregon wheat field … Despite multiple sprays of Monsanto’s Round Up, the farmer found that the crops unexpectedly persisted, just as GE crops are engineered to do. … Since 1994, Monsanto has conducted 279 field trials of RoundUp Ready wheat over more than 4,000 acres of land in 16 states. The USDA has admitted that Monsanto’s GMO experiments from 1998 to 2005 were held in open wheat fields. The genetically engineered wheat escaped and found its way into commercial wheat fields in Oregon (and possibly 15 other states), causing self-replicating genetic pollution that now taints the entire US wheat industry. … Japan has cancelled its offer to buy US western white wheat … the European Union has prepared to begin testing shipments for the RoundUp Ready gene … all wheat produced in the US will now be heavily scrutinized and possibly even rejected by other nations that traditionally import US wheat … the industry is that over time the market is so flooded with genetically modified organisms that there’s nothing you can do about it – people just sort of surrender … None of this would be possible without the ability of the GM sector to corrupt state machinery in order to further its commercial interests. Writing on, Rich Murray has highlighted how top people from the GM sector have moved with ease to take up positions with various US government bodies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration. Writer and researcher William F Engdahl describes a similar effect in Europe, noting the links between the GMO sector and the European Food Safety Authority. … Shiva says that the goal is to give the sector’s corporations immunity by freeing them of courts and democratic control under India’s federal structure. It is, in effect, ‘Monsanto’s Protection Act’.”

The evidence points to a planetary genocidal ‘eugenic’ plan with ‘plausible denial,’ the ‘architects’ the usual wall street cabal.


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