JEFF SAUT: The Last ‘Hindenburg Omen’ Was A Great Time To Buy Stocks

JEFF SAUT: The Last ‘Hindenburg Omen’ Was A Great Time To Buy Stocks


“There are four key criteria to the Hindenburg Omen. Miller Tabak’s Jonathan Krinsky says the gist is that it’s “a battle between the bulls and bears” where 2.2% of stocks on the NYSE are making 52-week highs during a bull market, and where another 2.2% are making 52-week lows. … Many however think this is balderdash. … “The last one was in December of last year and it proved to be a really good time to buy stocks,” said Saut. … “I think dips are for buying,” Saut continued. “I think stocks trade higher into the end of the quarter as the under-invested portfolio managers chase the performance derby, and the first point of real vulnerability comes in mid-July.””

Well, I would be more worried about “the other” Hindenburg Omen, if the BCE does not produce liquidity fast enough, Europe will end up in a butterfly of de-industrialization (B)LCLs of Saint Anthony, (omen, pardon, amen,) regardless where the tea leaves point to, in the cup, OTOH with a variable (unmeasurable on the base of monetary efficiency,) energy and other resources limiting roof, topic where everybody ‘best intention’ is to deceive everybody else, the possibility that the flea hits in it’s jump the roof of the glass bell, should be considered, because that’s what happened in 2001 and 2007.

Did we learn anything in these 30 years of “new world order” convenient economics voodoo ? Not sure, my imaginary arcana seem to point to the word “scumbags,” but this is not completely proved at this moment, so I rest my case at the “strictly provable” evidence, IOW the possibility of the ‘simultaneous’ occurrence of the US hitting the wall of resource limits, while at the same time the drunk banksters at the EU turning the euro-recession into a depression, persisting into their holy deflation driven Austrian primitive voodoo economics model.

The combination of both insanities could result in another 2001, this time ‘exponential’ with an ‘unmeasurable’ n, because we are not even considering ‘other’ worldwide ‘unexpected’ events, which we perfectly know from Murphy ironic approach, seem always to manifest themselves at the worse moment.

As per the original, it only takes a spark to set the whole ring of fire going, and in a world of “not negotiabholy” “conflict of interest driven,” “meritiots,” we let the readers the exercise of assessment of value at risk for the period in question. The likelihood that we may hit something “next” year spring is almost certain on the US side, because of issues related to diverging political dogmas, but here the whole world economic frame is fragile as well, so the “reasonable” fixes due “now,” should not be deferred.


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