Interior Minister: Germany to Deport ‘Poverty Immigrants’

Interior Minister: Germany to Deport ‘Poverty Immigrants’


“German communities have complained for years about Romanians and Bulgarians immigrating to abuse the country’s social welfare system. On Friday, the interior minister promised tougher measures, including expulsions and travel bans. … The German government is toughening its stance on economic refugees from Bulgaria and Romania, who it says have become a burden on social services. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told an audience of his European counterparts in Luxembourg on Friday that Germany will take measures to prevent poor immigrants from the two Eastern European countries from entering the country under false pretences to collect welfare benefits. … Friedrich, a member of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party … only 9.6 percent of Romanians and Bulgarians in Germany were registered as unemployed, which is substantially lower than the unemployment rate of 16.4 percent among foreigners in general”

Notice that he is a Christian Socialist, the Christ in person, the modern one, supply side Jesus, would be proud of him, at least he does not plan to bake them like his illustrious ‘good catholic boy’ also socialist predecessor and also a disciple of the eugenic plans of the usual ‘money masters.’


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