United Europe — Bad Idea?

United Europe — Bad Idea?

(from forbes.com source Paul Johnson:)

“Washington‘s manifest desire for Britain to play a leading part in maintaining and strengthening the EU … Britain will soon hold a referendum on whether to continue its membership in the EU. Current indications suggest that a “No” vote will carry–and by a large margin … attempts by the Brussels bureaucracy to marginalize the City of London through hostile regulations … There is also the lamentable and continuing spectacle of European leaders failing to agree upon a response to the global economic downturn … Merkel’s resolve to stick to her formula of spending cuts and austerity, which, she insists, is the only way to eliminate the EU’s enormous deficits … There isn’t much chance of other members bringing the French and Germans together. Spain is crippled by its floundering economy. Italy has only recently managed to form a co alition ministry and is in no position to take its eyes off its own domestic woes. The smaller states, led by Greece, are bitterly anti-German and blame Merkel for all the sacrifices their previous profligacy is now forcing them to make. … U.S. policy ought to take note of the general air of hostility toward Brussels. Mr. Obama faces the prospect of Britain leaving the EU and of France, Germany, Italy and Spain all weakening their links. This will have little effect on American prosperity, but it is a return to realism that Washington should welcome, if quietly.”

The real problem, is “banksters power,” the second problem is that banksters cartels are criminal associations, predatory rackets, it is so for Europe, it is so for the city, it is so in the US, a long list of genocidal parasites, the “usury masters,” it is a game of usury rackets competing with each others, for milking countries deeply, with subversion, corruption, treason, let’s be honest, who paid for the criminals that run Greece ? poor people ruin, social services cuts, the crooks, the banking mafia, the “castes,” are still the same ones, there is no accountability, there is no longer governance legitimacy, only “mafia rackets corrupting governments like cancers,” sponsored obviously by the historically genocidal, the rackets of banksters crime cartels and their traditional rackets of accomplices, crooks economics and religions.

The benefits of a “mafio-like” caste of genocide parasitic usury leaches, are obviously “not negotiable,” we know it by now, we heard it from the world leading pigs, it will be the same for Italy and all the rest of the PIIGS, and then a piece at the time for all others, even France and Germany, maybe not Britain that may stick with the US to save their city usury banksters accomplices of the usual nazi christos of wall street mafia, maybe not the vatican bancomafia, that may stick with the US to save it’s usury banksters and shady recycling traffic of tax evasion an mafia money rackets.

Europe could make it, if “legitimate” political power could re-establish authority over the banking criminal rackets predatory conspiracies, and the corrupted mafio political rackets their puppets, in each single country, maybe with special powers and the colonels, like it happened in Greece before, nothing else can save Europe from wall street genocide christo mafio banksters colonial project plans of predation, Europe could end like it was India under the British, unless the banksters rackets are re-dimensioned, one way or another.

The impression, is that the lack of devaluation of the Euro, or alternatively, the lack of increase of Euro monetary mass, is driven from a conspiracy of banksters mafias, some type of treason, by now we know that banksters are from the same usury and predatory breed worldwide, just like religions, categories of genocidal conspirators subverting nations with corruption, usury and predation, to fit their leeching empires of cards, fraudulent monetary skims and lies.


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