Tax evasion in Italy Big government meets big data

Tax evasion in Italy Big government meets big data

(from source Schumpeter:)

“DEATH may be certain in Italy, but taxes are another matter: an estimated €285 billion remained unpaid last year, about 18% of GDP. … Italy’s tax authorities already know a lot about what people do with their money. … Italy’s bureaucracy has an ample capacity for cock-up. Many expect the unhappy recipients of the authorities’ attention to be impoverished pensioners and harassed housewives, rather than habitual tax dodgers.”

It does not work, it is just a farce, “and” it just creates more black market. The corrupted “caste” perfectly knows how and where to find the tax evasion, “if they were willing to.” However, for the “caste” is “more convenient” to capitalize on baronial advantages under the table, and go steal pensions contributions from poor people.

There is no more decency, “is a racket,” laws are made to benefit “the caste itself,” and not even “conflict of interest laws,” could help, because “the caste” in the soft belly of Europe, is protected by “immunity trough lubrication,” OTOH from a culture of bigotry, intolerance, hate, usury, and abuse, it can not be expected much more.


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