Online university giant gets bigger

Online university giant gets bigger

(from source Sean Coughlan:)

“Coursera, set up less than a year ago, has become one of the pace setters in the rapidly expanding field of online universities – often described as MOOCs (massive open online courses). It provides an online platform for universities to offer courses for people to study from home. … Another significant step was announced recently which will make Coursera’s online courses count towards a full degree. … Coursera intends to become a financially viable, profit-making university project – but raising income from internet traffic and add-on services, rather than directly charging users. … The rival edX online university project on the US east coast has been funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard and is not for profit. … One of our top priorities is to reach the people who need education the most, including those who would not otherwise have access.”

Great, this opens the way towards a world scale education process, independent upon location, and at the same time penalizes primitive and baronial systems of retrograde countries which were never able to get out their corrupted middle age servant and leaching based social structure, pushing them out of business, where they belong.

It is great news for the most mentally open societies on the planet, which preserving superiority in the IT infrastructure, will take over the education from the societies of the incompetents worldwide, a process long due, since in more primitive, dogmatic, and retrograde countries, all kinds of categories of incompetent leaches milk the governments cows and the taxpayers for unwarranted caste privileges, let them go bankrupt.

We are not scared of competition, we made a living for decades competing, is time for the chair-warmers that so far have only preached competition, milking the cow, and taking advantage of unwarranted benefits at the expenses of the taxpayers, to get to ‘experience’ it, sayonara.


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