Catholic Church Scandal Jokes, Late-Night Jokes About Pedophile Priests

Catholic Church Scandal Jokes, Late-Night Jokes About Pedophile Priests

(from humor:)

“‘Cardinal Law had difficulty with his memory under oath today. He could only remember three commandments. Under oath, Cardinal Law said ‘I do not recall’ 43 times. I’m telling you, this guy is presidential material.” —David Letterman”

“In Boston, it looks like Cardinal Bernard Law isn’t going to be punished. It turns out he’s getting transferred to Rome, which is kind of like a promotion. He said today he wanted to thank all the little people.” —Jay Leno”

It could be funny if there were not people living under bridges and eating out of garbage cans in Italy, so that the ‘caste‘ of the leaches accomplices of the religious genocidal racket, can give the leaches 10 billions a year tax free, milked from the taxpayers, to ‘invest’ in their strictly holy tax exempt enterprises, taxpayers to some of which a conspiracy of a ‘caste‘ of corrupted public chair-warmers paid in gold, to please the other ‘caste‘ of morally corrupted banksters, has just stolen pension contributions.

Italy corrupted political academic intelligentsia and the Vatican racket governance structure, are both morally bankrupt, and intellectually in the third world. When “castes” leading nations have no dignity left any longer, when the powerful resort to stealing miseries of the poor people for the perpetuation of their arrogance, waste, and more than all ‘incompetence,’ that must the obvious conclusion, it is surprising they have not yet ended like Louis the XVI, but sooner or later the people will wipe them out, let them eat treasury bonds, university degrees, and ‘merit’ titles.

If you point to their ‘castal‘ fraud, the ‘racket’ of ‘conflict of interest’ they are part of, if not the heads of, they mock you and talk of their presumed ‘merits.’ Roll the bones. Is time for ‘music.‘ Those castes are nothing more than treacherous ‘rackets.’ And the Italian tax payer finances all this filth, barely trying to stand still in this world of ruins, of abuse, of indecent arrogance of the ‘incompetents,’ ‘fraudulent,’ racketeers, in bad faith. And the worse, is that the ‘castal filth’ is not ashamed of being born, they really think to be ‘so great,’ the lice.


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