What’s Wrong with a 30-Hour Work Week?

What’s Wrong with a 30-Hour Work Week?

(from zcommunications.org source Don Fitz:)

“The gross domestic product (GDP) is plummeting at the same time that jobs are disappearing. Why should there be any connection between the two? If society produces 10 percent less, why don’t we all just work 10 percent less? Didn’t things work like that for hundreds of thousands of years of human existence? … When people figured out easier ways to get what they needed, they spent less time doing it. It’s called “leisure.” Leisure is essential for a democratic society involved in self-government. Instead of working frenetically to produce “stuff” that we don’t have the time to enjoy, wouldn’t we be better off with less “stuff” and more time of our own? Research repeatedly shows that, once important needs are met, additional belongings bring no additional happiness, while work is strongly related to stress. …

Despite all of this, there is something problematic with advocating a 30-hour work week at the beginning of the 21st century: a 30 hour week is not short enough. There is mushrooming unemployment amid mountains of useless products. An hour of labor now produces more goods than has ever been the case in the history of humanity. All this means that there is no reason for anyone to work more than 20 hours per week.

By including population growth and people seeking to live the lifestyle of the English-speaking rich, Ted Trainer ciphers that, “By 2070 given 3 percent economic growth, total world economic output every year would then be 60 times as great as it is now.” This would be a 6,000 percent increase in stuff in 63 years—not exactly healthy for forests, oceans, wildlife and humans. If we want our children to be able to live on this planet, the single most important environmental legislation may be restricting people from working more than 20 hours per week.”

Yes, but knowing how america, in christo entrepreneurial terms, may react to this, which is making people work “off the clock,” with threats over employment, there is a doubt it may go anywhere, unless employers are fined some crazy numbers when somebody is found working off the clock, but in christomafia enterprises it may never happen.

Also, it looks reasonable to see further into the “hidden” agenda after the reichstag of 2001, again knowing how wall street thinks, there is a very high probability that the bankster inbred there, may want to reach the needed population levels with extermination camps, most likely “the hidden agenda” behind FEMA and Halliburton, not to be surprised, given the prior case of Standard Oil IG Farben Auschwitz.

In the mean time, you can not sue Monsanto, killing people with plausible denial, hallelujah.

Report – Monsanto GMO Corn health issues: Cancer, Tumors and more

It is not an economic issue, is an issue of ‘dominion,’ that is justified as usual by quackery, “economics,” “eugenics,” “religious foolish dogma,” “social sciences,” all “architects” of the inquisition 2.0 christo-nazi wall street machine.


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