Thermobaric weapon

Thermobaric weapon

(from wikipedia:)

“A thermobaric weapon, which includes the type known as a “fuel-air bomb”, is an explosive weapon that produces a blast wave of a significantly longer duration than those produced by condensed explosives. … In September 2007, Russia successfully exploded the largest thermobaric weapon ever made. … in response to the United States developed “Massive Ordnance Air Blast” (MOAB) bomb whose backronym is the “Mother of All Bombs”, and which previously held the accolade of the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history.[43] The bomb contains a 14,000-pound (6,400 kg) charge of a liquid fuel such as ethylene oxide, mixed with an energetic nanoparticle such as aluminium, surrounding a high explosive burster[44] that when detonated, created an explosion equivalent to 88,000 pounds (40,000 kg) of TNT.[45]”

Certainly, with this technology, given that any country of the planet may easily reach arsenals levels comparable to the major players, the deterrent of nuclear power is on the way of being rendered obsolete, while nuclear power-plants worldwide, become “factors of weakness” as bombing targets, all vulnerable to current technology of bunker buster larger ordinance.

The age of nuclear as we know it, is coming to an end, in the process, the “nuclearized” world may become the greatest loser, possessing the largest aggregation of vulnerable paying targets.

There may and most likely will be a new generation of nuclear, but not having humanity any longer the needs of military grade fuel, it will be “completely different” from the products offered by a corrupted industry with an attitude, and instead than being based on traditional specification, it will be based on AOC survival specifications, operation in the widest atmospheric conditions, in foreview of an un-inhabitable planetary surface, possibly also in central Milankovitch cycles glaciation time ranges, and meeting as well the prerequisites for scale colonization of space.


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