Green Goo: The New Nano-Threat

Green Goo: The New Nano-Threat

(from, source Daith Anluain:)

“New Nano-Threat … self-replicating machines populating the planet … new artificial life forms … new organisms that have never existed on Earth … Only a handful of toxicological studies exist on engineered nanoparticles … een what happened to GMOs, or genetically modified organisms — nicknamed “frankenfood” by opponents.”

Interesting possibility to offer “plausible denial” retaliation against the financial systems of the “money masters” architects of world scale genocides, read Wall Street, and against their latest puppet project, GMO based genocide by toxicity and cancers with plausible denial, read Monsanto, which wall street has deployed against allies and enemies the same, in the first case in objective odor of treason in various treaties.

Obviously, to be effective, such a systemic approach, needs to be “tailored” to the specific targets, identifying something they “only” could handle, for instance, making them targets, using the recognition of their patented/proprietary components presence. It would look a blessing for humanity, a nano-agent that eats all the board of Monsanto and all the Wall Street bankers. Nano cannibalism may be a future for unconventional warfare with plausible denial, the most asymmetric system we could think of, a tip of a needle can chop a civilization.


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