Jobless Youth: Europe’s Hollow Efforts to Save a Lost Generation

Jobless Youth: Europe’s Hollow Efforts to Save a Lost Generation


“the Greek government has approved a series of austerity programs, which have been especially hard on young people … situation is similarly dramatic in Spain, Portugal and Italy … According to Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics office, the rate of unemployment among young adults in the EU has climbed to 23.5 percent. A lost generation is taking shape in Europe. … Instead of launching effective education and training programs to prepare Southern European youth for a professional life after the crisis, the Continent’s political elites preferred to wage old ideological battles. … It was a mistake for politicians to acknowledge the problem but do nothing for so long … there are doubts over the usefulness of broad injections of cash”

“An Alternative Solution? … how Germany’s dual vocational education and training model could be exported to other countries … incorporating elements of dual vocational education and training into their respective systems … we should have started this long ago … virtually impossible to fire people who already have jobs”

Either the United States of Europe are made now, or it will be a breakdown.

The first thing to do is writing a European Constitution, writing European codes of law, and writing drafts of European bilateral treaties with other countries. In such system, only the Offices of Chiefs of State for each country would remain regulated by national traditions, with the powers granted to them by the European Constitution, and as holders of the National Sovereignty. The supreme council of the EU, could be the Assembly of the Chiefs of State, and the European Parliament.

“One land, one law, one people, Europe”

Some will want to pull out, let them, they’ll come back on their knees to beg to be taken back, after their countries will be swept by riots, civil warfare, bankruptcy, there is no way back, the later we acknowledge so, and the worse it will be.

The laws of Europe, must be fair, and must eliminate the privileges of the dead weigh casts of the soft belly of Europe, the greed of the usury banking cabal rackets, no private central banking, “banking is a public service,” not a cow to milk by leaches, the penal curbing of corruption and tax evasion, the bully-ism and the conflict of interest of the lobbies including hate groups, and the “equal” standing in front of the law of any and all religions and/or humanistic organizations, “for them no taxation, but no public contribution and no privileges,” and “strict prohibition of voicing on political issues,” freedom of cult is not freedom of leeching and tax exempt freedom of conspiring and lobbying, then the priority of hiring new generations in the newly born European system, versus preserving the old recycled sycophants, 32 hours, gender quotas, age quotas, “fair representation for each bracket.”

The rest is trivial. If the making of Europe can not open new positions giving a new hope to the young generations, Europe is doomed.

“The die is cast,” So mote it be.


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