President Declares ‘War on Entropy’

President Declares ‘War on Entropy’

(from, humor:)

“At a hastily organized news conference, president Obama this morning called for a new national effort to restore America’s greatness by combating “entropy.” Mr. Obama described entropy as “a self-defeating ideology of failure” and called on Congress to replace the Law of Diminishing Returns with a new legislative agenda geared to reversing a range of trends in resource depletion and economic stagnation. “I have directed the Attorney General to identify loopholes in the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” the president said, “that would allow our nation’s prosperity to advance indefinitely.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney immediately criticized president Obama’s new policy offensive as being too weak. “If elected, I will make water flow uphill so that we can double our national hydroelectric capacity. With a Republican Congress, old oil wells will gush once again. And we will outlaw global warming. Everyone will be rich. Unimaginably rich! There’s no limit. Anywhere. To anything. We won’t just combat entropy, we will obliterate it!””

After I just read the title of a comment of the secretary of state of the vatican, admonishing the Italian people that “whoever fails this government will be held responsible towards history,” after a good 30 minutes laugh, I started thinking it could be quite puzzling if an “act of god” would.

With all that I like this government, I would find much more proper if the vatican would just avoid comments, since they are in great measure responsible of the disgraces of the country, they possibly should just stay silent, as their voice just causes more anger in the population at large.

I don’t really know if they are joking, or they really believe what they preach, all of them. Starting from the ones that think the economics quackery can defy laws of decreasing returns and thermodynamics, ending with the ones that want to overcome such laws with the religious quackery of an extraterrestrial due to show up and solve all the problems “they created,” read unlimited procreation and population growth.

Enjoy the article, and if you find it funny, great, you are one of the 0.001% of earthlings that can use your brain. I’m afraid the others are a lost cause, either they don’t get it or the conflict of interest makes them blind.


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