Euro Crisis Report: Berlin Wants Ailing Nations To Speed up Reforms

Euro Crisis Report: Berlin Wants Ailing Nations To Speed up Reforms


“A report written by Chancellery staff and seen by SPIEGEL says reforms are lagging and lists the shortcomings of Southern European countries. … Italy, Spain, Greece and France need to take more action … Italy has further room for liberalizing its labor market … “

Well, as in Greece where they have rather milking the people with taxation overburdens, than adjust their abusive pensions systems and scandalous tax evasion, Italy is pretty much in the same spot.

It has been estimated that tax evasion in Italy is in the order of 300 billions, then there are the “millionaire pensions” paid stealing the two or three years of contributions of the poor people, the immigrants, the expatriated, against any bilateral treaty obligations, “a pensions racket,” then there is the cost of politics (about double than in the rest of the EU proportionally,) 24 billions, plus another 7 billions for useless government agencies, chair warmers to finance political shady underground who knows what, at the least 20 billions on “health administrative costs,” useless paperwork that adds “nothing” to health, (where also the all EU could cut, replacing the bean counters with computers, for the whole EU we would be maybe looking at half a trillion,) another “at the least” 3 billions just making mandatory open software, and de-penalizing crimes with no victims, “and” (here also Germany has an equivalent burden, 6 billions as well, for the birds,) a church of parasites that costs 6 billions to finance their gratuitous insults they always are very eager to dispense towards the hands that feed them, besides promoting out of time “foolish” reproduction theories outside of any damn common sense in a overpopulated collapsing planet, “the leaches,” then 200 to 400 millions in the reorganization of justice, bail, remote monitoring, et cetera.

IMVHO, all further European help, should be subject to the completion of the “minimum indispensable reforms,” justice reforms, taxation reforms, pensions reform, “deregulation,” “32 hours work week,” to start with, there is a need of “unified treaties” in the whole European Community over such matters, fixing “mandatory” rules for each member Country, because the “soft belly” of Europe, all deep in “Taliban clerical socialist madness,” cares less of changing anything. All they care is preserving the privileges of their “not negotiable” shit faces.


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