Grillo says Italy faces bankruptcy, wants ‘German invasion’

Grillo says Italy faces bankruptcy, wants ‘German invasion’

(from gazzettadelsud:)

“Between September and October the State will run out of money and it will be difficult to pay pensions and salaries”

Somebody has estimated a crash in the neighborhood of a minimum of 1.3 trillions, magnitude that could take down the entire Euro.

As potential possible solutions, there are the “modern” options of starting printing Euros like the Fed, or ending up bankrupt like Cyprus and Greece, or exiting the Euro for the third word, or eventually adopting the ancient methods of Monarchies, of adjusting territorial borders.

In this later scenario, the Republic could give Sardinia and Piedmont to France and call it even, and France could maybe go along and give Alsace and Loraine back to the Germans and call it even, maybe Spain can pass along the Basque region to the French, and so on, for the whole European integration process may restart once more, hoping for better results at the next turn. đŸ˜‰

In another thirty years or so, one piece at the time, the bigots can get back to their “plan of re-establishment of the papate temporal kingdom,” the Republic of the two Sicilies under the pope king, if they wish, (and listening to their rants about taleban morality, they may get there sooner,) allelujah.


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