Nuclear Headache: Task of Decommissioning Plants Is Herculean

Nuclear Headache: Task of Decommissioning Plants Is Herculean

(from source Gerald Traufetter:)

“The dismantling of Germany’s nuclear power plants will be one of the greatest tasks of the century as the country moves to phase out atomic energy. It will take at least until 2080 to complete the job. But what happens if energy utility companies who own the facilities go bust before the work is done?”

They “will” go busted before the work is over, because the whole world economy will be done midway there, “and” having 17 half nuclear power plants, not capable of operation, is worse than having 17 operating nuclear power plants, “replacing” with safe technology is less risky than dismantling, the “rational” way to go is replacing/dismantling them “one at the time,” preserving capacity.

It is unthinkable, unless we are looking at becoming energy kamikaze, to dismiss nuclear power. In the US, just last year, and “for the first time in 40 years,” “two” “new” nuclear power plants have been commissioned. It is “necessary” however, to eliminate “nuclear power dangers and greater design flaws.”

The way to do it, is possibly “safer smaller nuclear,” 500 meters under mountains at 500 meters elevation, “not pressurized” molten salt reactors, “modular,” “too small to fail big,” “and” produced with industrial process, “one” license, 170 reactors, close to the final users metropolitan cities, “safe,” and you folks should be less modest, if there is “one” class of engineering that can get that done, “on the planet,” is “German engineering,” however, forget Microsoft controls (Siemens,) that is one recipe for disaster.


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