Scale Implosion

Scale Implosion

(from Jim Kunstler, CLUSTERFUCK NATION:)

“What we’re on the brink of is scale implosion. Everything gigantic in American life is about to get smaller or die. Everything that we do to support economic activities at gigantic scale is going to hamper our journey into the new reality. The campaign to sustain the unsustainable, which is the official policy of US leadership, will only produce deeper whirls of entropy. I hope young people recognize this and can marshal their enthusiasm to get to work. It’s already happening in the local farming scene; now it needs to happen in a commercial economy that will support local agriculture.”

Well, it is a known “factual” condition whereas a more or less even failure/success distribution points to “invalid premises,” now it all boils down to coming to the realization that certain rhetoric driven by the “conflict of interest” of quackery politics, economics, and religions, will be self-evidencing in the facts to come, “very soon.”

Learning from experience, AKA the hard way, that the advertisement picture of BAU is rigged, may be very very painful, but one thing is certain, “painful experiences” are retained much longer in the human minds.


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