Sixth Mass Extinction

Are We in the Middle of a Sixth Mass Extinction?

Mass Extinction

(from, source E. O. Wilson:)

“Had people taken the alert signals seriously, as intelligent people must, this 1992 book [The Diversity of Life] would have set the basis for a new level of discussions on the environment and the current ongoing worldwide biotic holocaust exterminating species at the rate of one every 20 minutes. People might be working on solutions by now instead of still wallowing in ignorance. The facts are clearly and well laid out. The evidence is presented, the theories and data explained at length, at a reasonable cost in paperback (or free from the public lending library). Eight years later people are still presenting in public flawed paradigms (perhaps deliberately) to excuse their gluttonous behaviour which is crushing the planetary life-support systems.”

People are too stupid to take the truth seriously, they prefer listening to fantasy stories of discredited religions, discredited politics and discredited economics, as far as we are concerned, they would be better off listening to palm or tarot readers, “they are cheaper, and more honest,” they don’t need the “meritocracy” circus of scumbag christo mafio leeches milking the people, for no purpose whatsoever, if not “giant ego” and “unlimited greed.” A species of imbeciles, humans deserve extinction.


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