Brand image and competitiveness

Les prix de typicité et d’excellence pour valoriser les fromages fermiers


« Ce sont des produits vivants, non standardisés, qui ont leur propre identité »

Tonight, munching on a piece of garlic bread with creamy delice de bourgogne, I’m asking myself of why the only gorgonzola I have seen around, is made everywhere in the planet, and tastes nothing like gorgonzola. And I don’t understand, it is not so difficult to make cheese, my partner here makes it at home, I don’t know how, but she does, as my mother did as well.

Back to Italy, how comes french, dutch, belgian, danes, even mexicans can get their fair share of traditional cheese on the world markets, but not us, and the only conclusion I can reach, is that we are overpriced, and we have put “ourselves” “out of the market,” with all the sad consequences, such as excess of milk production, and reduction of livestock. Not a good sign, a lack of consistency in supporting brand image of products, an effort “intermittent” and not systemic, another half failure.


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