Nanotechnology is a Dual-Use Technology


“Nanotechnology is a Dual-Use Technology. Like electricity or computers before it, nanotech will offer greatly improved efficiency in almost every facet of life. But as a general-purpose technology, it will be dual-use, meaning it will have many commercial uses and it also will have many military uses—making far more powerful weapons and tools of surveillance. Thus it represents not only wonderful benefits for humanity, but also grave risks.”

Here is the dilemma, making possible such level of technology falling in the hands of “religious, speculative or collectivist integralism,” may mean the end of the human species, as an example, allowing such technology in the hands of the cristo nazi banco mafio bolshevists genocide blood stained “families” of wall street, or of the integralist christians swine of the kristian koalition klan, may most likely lead to extinction, (we can not forget they are both “cult of death,” the “prize in the afterlife” of the ones, or the concept that slavery and extermination is good for business of the others, are symptoms of their lunatic reasoning.)

Certainly as human species we would be facing a reduced risk, if sources of crime, like monetary economics and religions, were surgically removed from the human species, before it could become too late controlling their manifestation, however, some could also argue that well designed nano agents could repair the damaged and faulty brains of the cristos and of the usury psychopaths. As it stands, the problem remains unsolved.


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