From Capitalism To Democracy: From Complexity to Simplicity

(from dieoff.org:)

“Calculations show that the market is not efficient! When economists claim the market is “efficient,” they actually mean “the efficient distribution of benefits”—NOT “the efficient use of materials.” In fact, Americans could be wasting something like two billion tonnes (metric tons) of oil equivalent energy each year! The market system is the most-inefficient social system in the history of the planet! I assume that capitalism has now become illogical. We are destroying the natural world and consuming the remaining resources in exchange for fiat money —which will be worthless when the resources are gone. … Economics is the publishing of political agendas that are hidden within known-false assumptions.”

No way out with traditional methods, unless off course, looking at systemic extermination and genocide, praise the swine lord, hallelujah. “Or,” the only civilized alternative, “technocracy,” a society where “science” is the law, and energy the only metric.


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