Selbst denken

Selbst denken


Less Is More: Rogue Economists Champion Prosperity without Growth, By Nils Klawitter

“The ruling class of economists, who he characterizes as “disdainers of reality” and “proponents of a world essentially limited by consumption,” is responsible for compulsively tying these two concepts together, he argues. His treatise, “Selbst denken” (“Thinking for Ourselves”), is a manual for phasing out the “totalitarian consumerism” that gives people desires that, until recently, they didn’t even suspect they would ever have.”

Traditional economics can only lead to war and/or genocide as soon as “the population bubble” manifests itself.

The reality is that economics is not a science, is a dogma to perpetuate the status quo of a cast, the economics god is the monetary system, their prophet is petroleum, praise the lord petroleum, hallelujah.

The only hope of survival is beyond a monetary system, a cashless society of energy allotment. The other option is off course, systemic extermination, praise the swine lord of genocide and holy wars, hallelujah.


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