India’s Russian-Made Sukhois Wipe the Floor With UK’s Eurofighters

India’s Russian-Made Sukhois Wipe the Floor With UK’s Eurofighters


“Indian Air Force pilots flying the Su-30MKI humiliated the top aces of the RAF, blanking their latest Eurofighter Typhoon jets 12-0 … in 2008 at Exercise Red Flag held at Mountain Home AFB, known for its complex and realistic war gaming, not a single Su-30MKI fighter was ‘shot down’ in close air combat missions. In 10-odd one-on-one engagements against USAF jets such as the F-15 and F-16, none of the Sukhois were even close to being shot down”

Well, we knew from a long time the superiority advantage of thrust vectoring in close air combat, especially when associated with advanced FBW, but apparently there was (almost) no interest to develop it at generalized deployment level in the west, and the results are visible, besides, now would not even be sufficient to catch up, it would take optical analog computing and fly by light to overcome MEP, newer generations of improved stealth to overcome improved passive sensors, and a whole new logic of both sensors on weapons and EW.

And is hard to tell if the western logic that choses faulty IT technology for critical instrumentation control, may be willing to acknowledge that is time to set aside corporate (and religious, and political, and economic,) interference, intrusion, and corruption in strategic matters, and look objectively to the challenge, if the west may want to have a just minimal possibility of superiority outside the third world.


2014 was the hottest year on record globally by far

2014 was the hottest year on record globally by far


“As the JMA graph shows, there has been no “hiatus” or “pause” in warming. In fact, there has not even been a slowdown. Yes, in JMA’s ranking of hottest years, 1998 is in (a distant) second place — but 1998 was an outlier as the graph shows. In fact, 1998 was boosted above the trendline by an unusual super-El Niño. It is usually the combination of the underlying long-term warming trend and the regional El Niño warming pattern that leads to new global temperature records.”

Guess we may have to start thinking that the kleptocracy of the useless (namely chicken brain democracies, pedo-genocide religions, economics voodoo, political and legal corruption quackery rackets,) that rule the planet, are going to take us to collective planetary suicide.

“Leave any hope ye who enter” (this world ruled by imbeciles,) hallelujah. So let just do 2015, again, with the worse performance on CO2 since humans have been on earth, just sayin, since we value our quackery inbred dear christian usury slavery leaders.

And to add to the joke, here we have clown psychiatry telling you that you are mentally ill if you question (quackery voodoo) authority, (such as the GOP pseudo-science voodoo of BAU,) and humanism as another religion trying to sell morals (from mora, morae …, customs, habits,) as scientific fact, which implies that humanism, just as economics, is another religion, hallelujah.

Monsanto: Mafia protection racket – Corporate organized crime

Monsanto: Mafia protection racket – Corporate organized crime


“Monsanto “lied” in the U.S. Supreme Court that they’ll never sue farmers for inadvertent contamination of their fields, William Engdahl, author of “Seeds of destruction: GMO’s hidden agenda,” told RT. … RT: How serious is this ruling for farmers who are caught out growing GM crops through no fault of their own? William Engdahl: It’s quite serious and it’s really outrageous that the Supreme Court has once again taken the side of Monsanto on the GMO cartel and ruled against natural farming. The implications of this are huge because, first of all, Monsanto lied in its statement to the Supreme Court. They lied brazenly by saying they never had and never will sue farmers for inadvertent contamination of their fields. But they have sued countless farmers – Percy Schmeiser, a farmer in Canada, is a vivid example of that. Monsanto has a team of lawyers that go out and terrorize farmers in the US and Canada. When the wind blows the seeds from a Monsanto field across to a non-Monsanto field it says, “OK, now you have to pay.” This is like a mafia selling protection. … This is a part of the monopoly pushed by Monsanto. They are buying up seed companies all around the world to take ownership of the proprietary seeds. This is a concentration of power over the human food chain. The first ruling in the Supreme Court in the 1990s that you can patent life, that you can take a patent on life by injecting a foreign gene – that was a false decision to begin with. There has been a whole sequence since it, and it’s the influence buying of the agribusiness that made it possible. That’s a horrendous development for the future of food security in the world. “

Obvious, it confirms the agenda of the wall street christo-nazi mafia, and their accomplices of the nazi vatican christo mafia, the same that brought to you standard oil IG farben aushwitz and eight million of american dead in the dust bowl, ‘to prevent drop of prices,’ a plan of ‘predation’ and production of ‘further’ genocides (in which the cato-christian bastards are obviously specialized, as history tells us,) to perpetuate religion and usury banking mafia skims in a time nobody believes those rackets of vultures vampires leeches any longer.

And all this without counting the ‘plausible denial’ poisoning of world population in foods, ‘pretty much planned genocide,’ it will be like agent orange in food on world scale, except that this is monsanto roundup, still poison.

Not to see the emergence of christian-pedophile-catholic-genocide nazist plans out of this, is being blind, ‘or accomplices.’ This is the ‘not negotiable’ (genocide plan) AKA ‘new world order’ the grandson of hitler banker, and the nazi pope told you about. Read their lips, and history.

They are all accomplices, the ‘brains of genocide’ are in the christian banking mafia in wall street, and in the catholic mafia at the vatican. Judo marxism and christo-nazism in wall street, meets cato marxism and cato-nazism in rome hundred year later, the revolution of 1917, the nazi holocaust, the croatian vatican holocaust, the vietnam war, all byproducts of the same alliance of parasites, religions and banking mafia, born at the beginning of last century.

‘The architects of genocides.’The ‘new world order,’ is nothing else than ‘the plan’ of those crooks, of genocide of half the population of the planet.

Why reform of China’s one-child policy has had little effect in boosting fertility levels

Why reform of China’s one-child policy has had little effect in boosting fertility levels

Good, if they have some common sense now they know where the marxist fantasy of ‘proletarian struggle’ of ‘mother heroes’ idiocies (another religion,) lead to, ‘in the facts,’ (as well as where the unlimited reproduction idiocies of psychotic idiotic mafias, AKA ‘religions,’ lead the west to.)

Apparently, education in china suffers of the same problem of the corrupted christo-nazi western dis-education of quackery of the carnegies and the rockefeller, the ‘baronal teaching lobby’ of parasites slave masters of the christo-banking mafia pigs racket (in the west) and probably of the marxi-politic parasite racket in the east, have ‘an hydraulic’ issue of ‘power grabbing struggle’ of ‘their’ pyramids of ‘clientele’ in order to operate ‘their self-referential’ ‘class struggle’ of giant egos, to the top of the food chain.

All those parasites conspiracies, such as religion filth mafia rackets, corrupted education rackets, political plutocracy rackets, economic idiocies rackets, need to be ‘carefully controlled,’ by a wise leadership, in order not to transform china in a plutocracy of religion and usury mafia, like those filthy motherfucker inbred bastards sons of bitches, have done in the west.

‘There is no problem in aging population,’ ‘unless you have a pig usury religious motherfucker bastards slavery and robbery/predation (‘divestiture’) eugenic agenda,’ like the SOBs inbred christian assholes have in the west, and ‘there is no problem in aging population,’ if you convert half the country sedentary work into ‘work from home on telecommuting technology,’ to ‘increase thermodynamic efficiency’ of this garbage making idiocy of western christian banking ponzi skim, a pit producing idiocy, a predatory inefficient fraud, in which average life time of a product is ‘six months.’ Is time to stop this christo-banking-mafia ponzi skim insanity of the ‘monetary efficiency’ of charlatans economists crooks serfs of ponzi banking skimmers christo-mafia.

In the west nobody wants to look there, because the brainfuck stupidity of religion and economics usury, are ‘cults of death, brainwashing and slavery,’ and both unwarranted stupid dogma byproduct of brainless SOBs cave men inbred arrogant ignorant pieces of shit racketeers, IOW ‘mafias,’ of ‘psychotic eugenic genocide bastards.’

And if china acknowledges ‘history,’ in a ‘factual and scientific manner,’ it has to acknowledge that certain western ‘rigged ponzi economic-banking-religious rackets of monetary capitalism predation of cristo nazi parasites,’ ‘are a scientific, factual, thermodynamic failure,’ a fraud, an inefficient thermodynamically self-referent agendas of people with ‘no brain and only giant egos,’ imbeciles, ignorant, idiots, self-graduated in their mafia corrupted dis-education institutions of charlatans, in idiocy quackery such theology and stupidity fraud mastery such as classic economics (predatory leaching,) assholes that hijacked civilization with the coup of the quackery of democracy of chicken brains, in so china should be very careful, ‘not to repeat the error,’ that will send ‘the entire west in the third world’ before 2050.

China has to control, modulate, and suppress, the power of ‘quackery,’ executing the masters of those categories of parasites, (the ‘architects’ of thermodynamic inefficiency, AKA banking-monetary and religious ponzi skimmers, and their supporters of the caste of mandarins of corrupted education and media,) beat them up hard when they get out of line, because those categories of ‘treason pigs’ are such castes of self-referent mandarins, that would take the entire planet to ruins, for their self-referent cult of death slavery and greed agendas.

And all this, even if it may require another ‘cultural revolution’ to eliminate those filthy bastards, is ‘the only way out’ from catastrophe at planetary level.

With the bastards, you are doomed as we are in the west, they were right the emperors of china, once in a while, burn down all their scumbag pulpits, to put them back in their place, before they get to fuck up anything they touch as they normally do, in the whole country and planet, the psychotic religion mafia inbred ponzi vampire leeches.

There is ‘no f*g reason to boost fertility level,’ f*g imbeciles.

Coal gasification: American coal power’s last, best chance?

Coal gasification: American coal power’s last, best chance?


“I think you almost could compare [IGCC projects] to nuclear plants,” he said, “because they have a very high capital cost … have relatively high fixed costs once they’re operating, and you still have uncertainty associated with the carbon capture [technology] … Experts say IGCC plants with carbon capture capabilities like Kemper consume 20-30% more coal to make a kilowatt hour of electricity than traditional coal plants”

Well, it may not end up in reality in being the mecca that looks on paper, just like the fracking ponzi skim to overvalue minerary rights and sell more ponzi derivatives to morons. OTOH it is still better to maintain alive the process of extraction in order to be able to regress, in case of a (very possible, and very probable) planetary collapse, to traditional stirling cycle boilers. Solves some problems for now.

The sad part of this energy challenge is that the nuclear industry is refusing to abandon it’s faulty war mongering failed technology of water cooled boilers at sea level, in favor of MSR SMRs at high elevation under mountains, just like the coal and oil industry are more worried about corrupting governments to maintain BAU and christian nazi idiocies, than looking realistically into a step from coal to carbon chemicals excluding completelly endothermic boilers methods.

The further sad part of this energy challenge, is that the higher convenience for utility companies to support decentralized production, impacts with the non susteinability of suburbia dementia, predictable breakdown for lack of maintenance of the highways to nowhere dementia system, and the idiotically short life cycle of PV where it remain dobious if after factoring all the energy used to build the junk, there may really be any envinromental advantages left.

On top of all this mess, now there is the saudi vs russia vs oil-gas-fraking lobby under the table war, which will cause another bubble of biblic proportions, since the western democracies chicken brains will have another reason to keep going towards collective suicide with BAU. In the process, some will get hurt really bad.

And at the end of all this, the only other technologies that make any sense, are california and spain molten salt thermal solar energy, and pickens wind mills, which are now in limbo because of the standing planetary chaos on energy prices. Which leads back to the ‘unwarranted merit’ of the currencies ‘ponzi skims,’ whereas ‘monetary efficiency,’ is the oxymoron invented by the usual crooks to rob the usual morons.

Now obviously if energy was priced in ‘energy,’ in 24 hours all the scumbags of the planet (wall street christo-nazi mafia, various oil and coal rackets, et cetera,) would have to find quick some other job, hallelujah.

Happy talk about the climate

Happy talk about the climate


“The non-binding climate deal which the US and China just signed will allow the Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration to go to 500ppm and beyond by the end of the century, far past the current concentration of 400ppm. Historically, this concentration was sufficient to produce an ice-free Arctic, significantly higher ocean levels, and an environment unlikely to be able to sustain large human populations. … there never was a fight, just some of the usual useless politicking … Obama’s willingness to sign it signals, among other things, a recognition of the ongoing economic collapse, and an assumption that it will only accelerate. … willfully ignorant or the scientifically illiterate”

Well, the first step to solve an issue is to ‘acknowledge the problem,’ but the main actors of this crash of the roman empire v 2.0 have determined that their madness is ‘not negotiable,’ even if the ‘practical common sense explanation,’ is under everybody’s eyes:

1) Arithmetic, population and energy.

2) Effects of peak oil, and big picture at current time.

3) Consequences, inevitable at some point, insisting with BAU and the current mandarins of quackery.

Obviously as per marie antoinette, the ‘cleptocracy’ of ‘scientific inefficiency’ and ‘predatory arrogance,’ is still thinking that without changing it’s tunes, it won’t lose it’s heads, but history indicates otherwise.

In so, even if it is difficult for brains washed and fried by the corrupted education of the carnegies and rockefellers, to acknowledge there is a problem, ancient popular wisdom would suggest to reset the brains, and brace for impact.

Erwin Chargaff remarked in his 1978 autobiography, Heraclitean Fire, “On the whole, professional pessimists prove right at the end if one does not hold them too tightly to a time scale.”

Ticking time bombs: Where oil’s fall is dangerous

Ticking time bombs: Where oil’s fall is dangerous


“Continued price declines would for some countries and companies make an already difficult situation even worse”

Well, the fore of the planetanic economy is happy that the aft is sinking, and does not see the iceberg right in front of it.

I guess now the ‘banking intelligentsia’ is probably pressuring the attorney in chief, to be prepared for the next wave of slum dunk wars in south america, and the federal express reserve to get their printing presses hot for the next wave of QE at the 3rd power.

With the same logic of the GW administration, maybe the banksters may now suggest to invade colombia, and who knows who else, with the excuse of bankruptcy revolutions in mexico and venezuela, maybe invade cuba ? like the mafia catholic ignorants nazi in florida want ? and maybe increase that 8% of GDP based on money laundering of drugs trade to 16% ?, wall street christo mafia drug central, looks like a specialization, following the vatican example.

The formula has been successfully experimented in afghanistan, where now wall street is the center of the world scale opium trade, and with colombia, it could be as well the center of cocaine trade. Venezuela ? a good chance to make a revolution there, as per cuba, the wall street racket has always kept it’s eyes on them.

With some common sense, the west imposing tariffs on OPEC would be a way to avoid destroying the domestic economy, but who cares of doing so ? All they care is to build more junk in detroit, more mac mansions cardboard garbage in suburbia, and so on, packaging that garbage paper in derivative debt to resell to turkeys planet wise. Al capone was a hobbyist, compared to wall street ponzi banksters.

Wall street christo scumbags economics is causing another depression, one of these days will be 1929 at the cube, I would short them but the chicken brains around the planet believe the christo-usury crooks, so enjoy them, hallelujah. OTOH the INS may want to have a contingency plan, the way it looks hordes of hungry people, will invade the US from south america very soon.

Scientists estimate total weight of plastic floating in world’s oceans: Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution floating in the ocean

Scientists estimate total weight of plastic floating in world’s oceans: Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution floating in the ocean


“weight of floating plastics, both micro and macroplastic … “Our findings show that the garbage patches in the middle of the five subtropical gyres are not the final resting places for the world’s floating plastic trash. The endgame for micro-plastic is interactions with entire ocean ecosystems,” says Marcus Eriksen, PhD, Director of Research for the 5 Gyres Institute.”

Given the fishing stocks depletion, sooner or later the fishing industry may have to start fishing plastic bottles. Hallelujah.

Idea From Bill Gates Spurs Development of a ‘Remote-Controlled’ Birth Control Chip

Idea From Bill Gates Spurs Development of a ‘Remote-Controlled’ Birth Control Chip


“The birth control hormone is dispensed when an electrical current, spurred on by the remote, melts a small part of the device. The technology to deliver a drug in this way was invented by MIT’s Rober Langer, Michael Cima and John Santini in the 1990s and later licensed to MicroCHIPS. In addition to loads of testing, Technology Review reported that the makers would also have to prove the chip can be encrypted well enough so that it could not be tampered with without the patient’s knowledge. “Communication with the implant has to occur at skin contact level distance,” Robert Farra, MicroCHIPS president and chief operating officer, told BBC. ”Someone across the room cannot reprogram your implant. Then we have secure encryption. That prevents someone from trying to interpret or intervene between the communications.””

Well, we need to do something for ‘mandatory birth control,’ however serious doubt remain on how such solution could be manipulated for usual ‘agendas.’

I would be much happier with freely available long term birth control (depo provera, copper spiral,) ‘and’ freely available vasectomy at the time of delivery of first child, easier, consolidated, more practical.

The alternative could be ‘spray’ of entire populations and continents with reproduction inhibitors, or biochemical sterilization, at some point, since nobody can persuade the empty brains not to reproduce like rats, something will have to be done, may as well spray all the large cities, already unsustainable.

Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons

Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons


“An influential American academic, Kenneth Waltz, considered the proliferation of nuclear weapons to be a good thing; the more countries that obtained them, the better. “Those who like peace should love nuclear weapons,” Waltz argued. “They are the only weapons ever invented that work decisively against their own use.””

Waltz concept is still valid, and is the only real deterrent against certain cabals that have sought in history traditionally genocide, slavery, et cetera (namely religions and economic/banking thieves.)

The place where a doubt may occur, is if it is logical to give nuclear (military, dual use,) technology to theocracies (such as pakistan and iran,) since religions are cults of genocide, predation, essentially cults of death.

The end of ‘nuclear terror deterrent’ in leading powers, would bring back genocide and mass slavery, there would be no ‘incentive’ for theocracies and usury economic financial kleptocracies to ‘limit’ their slavery and genocide plans, no fear of retaliation.

No thank you. MAD is the only guarantee of freedom and liberty, together with a valid and powerful opponent to the religion-banking theft quackery mafia.

And without freedom and liberty, to be slaves of pigs inbred usury assholes and pieces of shit religious pedophiles genocides, then death is the best, for all, the motherfuckers included.

Germany warns ‘no going back’ if Britain curbs EU immigration – report

Germany warns ‘no going back’ if Britain curbs EU immigration – report


“putting limits on immigration from other European Union nations would be a “point of no return” that could sharply increase the risk of Britain leaving the EU … the bloc’s Lisbon treaty does contain a legal mechanism for a country to do so if it chooses … Merkel was open to talks with Cameron on possible restrictions for migrant EU workers bending the rules to claim welfare benefits inappropriately in other countries in the bloc”

Well, is a ‘non problem’ created for ‘political reasons.’ Unfortunately some countries play the ‘plausible denial’ game of literally screwing other countries.

What about if welfare gets charged back to the country of citizenship ? And what about if illegal immigration gets charged back to ‘all’ the countries of the union, in percentage prorated to population/territorial capacity ?

Solutions exist when there is ‘willingness’ and ‘good faith’ to find them. Germany nazi PP christo and banking mafia has shown neither, so far.

And as far as lisbon treaty, the alternative is a new UEO, extended to benelux, britain and scandinavia, if they wish, and the others can go all fuck themselves, excuse the french.

Has Dan Brown Saved The World?

Has Dan Brown Saved The World?


“That is the lesson here. That is the lesson of Dan Brown’s miscalculation. Quit thinking someone else is going to solve this problem. Quit hoping that the smart people “out there” will come up with something to fix this without your involvement or sacrifice. Do as Jensen suggests – give up on hope and get into action. Educate yourself, think, get real, do something, say something, write something, get involved – you must do these things because our leaders will not. If you don’t, within just a few decades, we will erect a giant monument with this epitaph for humanity: What we would do, could not work and What could have worked, we would not do”

We could still make it, sterilize everybody, births in vitro only, maximum one per couple, or alternatively one family member commits suicide or is executed, every time a further new life in the family is brought in.

‘Can’ we make it as humans ? Not really, ours is the ‘age of stupid’ dominated by idiocies like religions quackeries, democracies of chicken-brains, banking ponzi of mafia predation, politics, education and media, prostituted at the service of quackery for a fee, count the human species extinct in a few decades, a few billions at the time, is too late, we are entering the first of many phases where ‘nature’ will teach ‘not negotiable’ fantasy psychotic quackery, what ‘really’ controls closed system earth.

Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into total meltdowns

Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into total meltdowns


“If you stop the electric pumps, the coolant stops flowing and the fuel rods go critical (and then melt down). This is what happened in Fukushima, where the melted fuel rods dropped through the concrete floor of the containment vessels, unleashing enormous quantities of ionizing radiation into the surrounding environment. The full extent of the Fukushima contamination is not even known yet, as the facility is still emitting radiation.”

Well, there you are, paraphrasing popeje: ‘we ares who we ares,’ sainsbury: ‘roses are red and emeralds are grue,’ saturn with orion, and ares with poseidon (sator, arepo, …,) and as pogo said: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Ebola needs leadership

Ebola needs leadership


“Leaders are people that have a plan … For sure, if everyone in the world was prevented from leaving their house or other home or place of work for a period of four weeks then there would no longer be any Ebola except that spread by Fruit Bats and other animals … We are in a compound maths game … We need a leader with a plan that can work with the resources that we have right now”

Well, is not just in europe and africa, today our attorney in chief, (in the US,) apparently (heard from another source,) told people not too worry, because ‘ebola is not contagious, only infective,’ (worse, it does not even require physical contact,) hallelujah.

Probably the only feasible short term move is closing the borders (and transport services,) with all the countries affected, if they need something, they can discuss it in video conference and process it on-line, we can get FEDEX and UPS to drop there anything they need, including instruction manuals, most of those people learned in the air forces anyhow, how to drop pallets without any contact with the locals.

Basic maritime rule, first thing you do when you are sinking is close the compartments, anybody there thinking of doing so ? wake up, is anybody there ?

Why Italy Will Not Make It

Why Italy Will Not Make It


“Italy is very close to the situation that economists call a ‘debt trap’ … Italy’s public debt will spiral to dangerous levels next year, even further beyond the point of no return … Italy’s future in the Eurozone will be in doubt and – and indeed the future of the euro itself … needs, in other words, to change the entire political system … for the reasons exposed above, Italy will certainly not make it”

Good luck, italy can not change anything because is run by catholic mafia quackery, the ‘invisible party’ of the vatican mafia controls 95% of votes, politics in italy are managed at the vatican, and so everything else, the country, since the times of the ‘man of the providence,’ that mussolini who sold the national interest to the vatican mafia for the 20 coins of the traitor, has a filter of catholic mafia bigotry in any decisional position, there is no way out.